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Genexis is a series of talks by world leading scientists, historians and scholars outlining evidence for a creator.

Genexis visited Coventry and London in September 2021.

Each event consisted of three thought-provoking evenings exploring evidence for a creator and pondering some of life's biggest questions.

Our speakers this year included: Professor Tom Mcleish, Professor Holly Ordway, Professor Paul Davies, Professor John Lennox, Tom Holland, Sharon Dirckx, Andy Bannister, Rev. Stephen Foster and Professor NT Wright. Each evening consisted of a series of short, engaging talks on specific scientific, philosophical and historical questions. Each Genexis event inspires conversation, reflection and further exploration on the nature of our existence, what it means to be human and whether there is a Creator God.

Who was involved? See our list of Genexis 2021 Speakers

For photos taken at our live events see our Gallery

Films from the live events are available for free-access from YouTube

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