Genexis (noun): from the Latin for "meaning".

Genexis is an evidence based case for a creator God.

Genexis is a challenge to atheism based on scientific, philosophical and historical evidence.

Genexis advances its claim by asking questions about beginnings, numbers, life, DNA, ethics, consciousness and life after death.

Genexis will not seek to prove the existence of a creator God, nor will it seek to “convert” you to a Christian faith.

Genexis will instead ask you to weigh the competing arguments in a fair minded way, rethink any atheistic presumptions you may harbour, and further enquire into the most important question we face: why are we here?

Genexis is produced by Christ Church Leamington, registered charity number 1040815.

Genexis starts on 9.9.19 at Coventry Cathedral with the live event.